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STARLIMS utilizes the powerful Crystal Reports engine for the reporting of information. In order to view the reports, please make sure the Crystal Reports viewer is installed using the ‘Crystal Reports Viewer’ download link below. Reports may contain information presented in barcode fonts. It is a good idea to install the Barcode font below to properly view these fonts.

Crystal Reports Viewer

Crystal Reports Viewer allows the viewing and printing of reports in the Crystal Reports format. STARLIMS has the ability to generate these kinds of reports. Please ensure that you have the following component installed in order to view and print these reports.

To download Crystal Reports from STARLIMS site click here.

Barcode font

STARLIMS generated reports usually contain barcodes. To display and print these reports on your station correctly, please make sure that you have the 3 to 9 Font installed on your system.

To download "3 to 9 Font" from STARLIMS site click here.


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