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XFDRuntime .NET control cannot be instantiated when .NET Framework is not installed or properly configured or when a pop-up blocker is blocking the communication.

Microsoft .NET Framework configuration

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 or .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 must be installed and properly configured on your machine in order to run STARLIMS v10 application.

To configure .NET Framework use this script (requires administrative rights).

Technical info: The effect of executing this script is creation of a new .NET Code Group only for STARLIMS v10 site. It doesn’t interfere with other applications or with Internet Explorer security zones.

In order to run the script you need administrative rights on the local machine. After the script is executed the administrative rights are not necessaries for normal STARLIMS execution.

The .NET security configuration tool is a VBScript file having a .vbs extension. By default .vbs files are associated with the appropriate Windows Script Host execution engine so executing this script means no more than selecting Run after you click the above link. On systems were the .vbs files were associated with other applications you can still run the script manually by saving it to the local disk and invoke the following command in the folder where you saved the script: cscript ConfigSTARLIMSCAS.vbs

Popup blocker settings

For a good operation of STARLIMS system, your popup blocker should be configured to allow popups.

Internet Explorer

If you have Internet Explorer 7, it comes with a pop up blocker. To change your settings select "Tools" from the menu at the top, then "Pop Up Blocker", then "Pop Up Blocker Settings". There you can add STARLIMS installation web site to allowed list.

Google Toolbar

When a pop up is blocked you will get a notification line towards the top of the window. While STARLIMS works fine when Google Toolbar is configured to allow popups from installation web site, it is recommended to completely disable Google Popup blocker.


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